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Welcome to Ridgefield Pediatrics Associates!

At Ridgefield Pediatric Associates, we deliver the expert care and personal attention you want for your child’s health, with the conveniences you need for your busy life. Parents have been entrusting their children’s health to us since 1974.

What is so different about Ridgefield Pediatrics Associates? Providers and staff work together as a team, dedicated to delivering exceptional medical care with the personalized attention for which we are so well known.

Our doctors are exceptionally credentialed with extensive and diverse clinical experience, and they remain connected to research as well as alternatives to traditional choices. Regardless of whom you choose for your child, you and your child enjoy an ongoing relationship, while having the comfort of knowing you have the expertise of the entire practice behind your child’s care.

We believe that pediatrics is about treating the whole child, and we extend our hand in helping parents manage their child’s preventative care with education, support, evaluations, physicals and other services that contribute to child development. We also provide a comprehensive approach to managing medical conditions.  

When your child is sick, the last person you or your child wants to see is a stranger. That’s why we offer extended hours staffed by one of our own practioners. In those anxiety-ridden wee hours of the morning, you have access to a 24/7 hotline.

Sometimes personal attention means the need or ease of “on-demand” access to information, which translates to having the latest patient-records technology. Our parents appreciate the patient portal for access to office news, appointments, vaccine records, lab results, as well as communication with their provider through a secure website.

Call us if you want to meet with one of our providers or ask for our Patient Care Coordinator if you want to learn more about our office.



Breaking News


As of January 1, 2016, Ridgefield Pediatric Associates will require a formal Permission Form from parents/legal guardians giving permission for a designated individual to accompany a minor when being seen in the office.  Minors are children under the age of 18 years of age. >> Learn more

Download the form here.


Jane Brotanek, MD is still with us!

A month ago, many of our patients received a letter from UnitedHealthCare stating that Dr. Brotanek will no longer be a participating provider at Ridgefield Pediatrics.

This was a computer clitch in the UnitedHealthCare System and is not at all accurate.

Dr. Brotanek is at Ridgefield Pediatrics and plans to be here for many years to come! We apologize for the confusion and have asked UnitedHealthCare to send a letter to those 500 patients that were sent the original letter.

We also sent out an email blast in hopes to capture the patients in our system. We appreciate our patients spreading the word that she is here and not going anywhere!



We are now scheduling flu vaccine appointments.

In an effort to schedule convenient times for our parents, we have flu clinics scheduled after school and on Saturdays by appointment.

This year we will offer flu and flumist.

Please remember that we will vaccinate parents at the same time as their children! If you are interested, you need to make your appointment when scheduling one for your child.

RPA will start offering flu shots the first week in October. This protects children through the winter months. Any questions, please ask our staff.

For more information, please refer to these Vaccine Information Sheets from the CDC with more details:


Serogroup B Meningoccal Vaccine

Ridgefield Pediatrics is offering the new Meningoccal Vaccine to our patients who meet the risk categories.

Meningococcal Disease is a serious illness caused by a bacteria that can lead to an infection of the lining in the brain and spinal cord. Meningococcal disease often strikes without warning - even people who are otherwise healthy. There are many different types of bacteria called “serogroups” that cause most meningococcal disease and the serogroup B meningococcal (MenB) vaccine can help prevent meningococcal disease caused by serogroup B. Other meningococcal vaccines are recommended to help against serogroups A, C, W and Y.

Some insurance companies are covering this new vaccine and some are very plan specific. For this reason we are asking our parents to check with their insurance company to find out if this particular Serogroup B Meningoccal Vaccine – brand name “Bexsero” - is covered under your child’s plan. The Insurance Code is 90620. If not, the cost of the series including administration fee is $460 (2 doses one month apart.)

If you have any questions regarding this vaccine, please call our office and the nursing staff will help answer your questions.

JUNE 2015

RPA welcomes Jessica Flutie to the practice!

Ridgefield Pediatric Associates is pleased to welcome Jessica Flutie, RN, MSN, CPNP-PC, as a new provider.

Jessica works Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in addition to assisting us with our weekend coverage.    She enjoys working with children of all ages and looks forward to meeting you.   If you would like to set up a meet and greet with her, please call our reception desk at 203-438-9557, and they can assist you with an appointment.   

RPA Welcomes Third-Year Medical Students!

We like it when our patients and their families compliment us for the quality care we provide. We work hard to gain their trust!
Now we have received another accolade- the Frank H. Netter Medical School at Quinnipiac University selected our practice as a training site for their third-year students.

Being recognized by such a distinguished institution as a site providing high level of care makes us proud of our staff and strengthens our commitment to our families.


Connecticare Exchange

We are pleased to inform you that we are now participants in the Connecticare Exchange Plan. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused and hope you will consider us as your primary care provider in 2015!


Enterovirus D68 Update

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about Enterovirus D68.  There is no simple test to determine if your child has E-D68.  The presence of this particular strain of Enterovirus can only be confirmed by the CDC.  Any chid who is sick and has severe respiratory symptoms, especially trouble breathing, even if they do not have a fever, should be promptly examined to determine what treatment is needed. >>Click here to read more.

A Letter to Our Patients About Medical Billing

Health insurance is very complicated.  At our practice, we deal with health insurance all the time and even for us, it gets to be very complicated sometimes.  Many times on surveys, parents comment on billing issues that are out of our control and because the surveys are done anonymously, we cannot call the parent back to explain.   For this reason, with all the changes that have happened as part of Health Care Reform, it seems a good time for us to explain medical billing to our patients. >> Click here to read our letter.

MAY 2014

IMPORTANT MMR (Measles) Update

Click here for information from Ridgefield Pediatrics about MMR vaccination recommendations.

MARCH 2014

"Watching Your Infant Grow! "

Ridgefield Pediatrics is interested in educating parents in the community about pediatric topics that are important for parents making decisions about their children’s health and family well-being.  In order to meet these goals, our providers address pediatric topics with parents on a daily basis.  If you have specific areas that you would like addressed, please email us or feel free to arrange an appointment with any of our experienced providers. 

Dr. Eitan Kilchevsky has addressed our first topic, "Infant Nutrition-Breastfeeding."

He is the former Director of the Center for Breastfeeding at Danbury Hospital, he is a Neonatologist with over twenty five years of experience and is currently practicing at Ridgefield Pediatric Associates.

>>Click here to read "Infant Nutrition-Breastfeeding"

NEED A GIFT? Consider giving an ear piercing certificate!

Ridgefield Pediatrics has gift certificates for Ear Piercings!
The cost is $70.00.
Your child needs to be a patient at RPA.
For more information, please ask our receptionist at 203-438-9557.


Children's ID Program

Ridgefield Pediatrics and New York Life sponsored a free Children’s ID Program!

The program was well attended by children in the community. Parents walked away with Free ID Cards with their picture, finger prints, and other identifiable information in a case of an emergency! We look forward to offering this program again in 2014!

summer 2013

Lyme Disease

It's tick season! Read A Discussion on Lyme Disease by Dr. Jane Brotanek.

june 15, 2013

Impact Testing

We are very excited to offer Impact Testing in our office. This software tool is designed to diagnose and manage concussions for our patients age 10 years and older. >>read more


Kid Notes

Dr. Brotanek's monthly series of articles designed to educate parents on children’s issues. >> read more

Fun Food Facts!

Drink water instead of sugary drinks!
Water: 8 ounces = 0 grams of sugar

Orange juice: 8 ounces = 21 grams of sugar
Vegetable juice: 8 ounces = 8 grams of sugar
Orange soda: 8 ounces = 30 grams of sugar

All the pictures on our website are pictures of our staff and our patients doing what we love to do! We thank Peggy Garbus, our photographer!